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Assessments can help to uncover career aspirations, how you deal with stress and how best to work through it, how to coach or guide you through difficult situations, as well as, how you like to be recognized for your efforts and achievements.

Assessments lay a foundation in which you can build your castle in the clouds. They also help organizations to place the right people in the right place, time and time again. This allows for building a strong work environment with employee retention, paving the way for succession planning with a clear path for growth and opportunity. 

Each Core Confidence Coaching client is required to take Behavioral and Emotional Intelligence Assessments before the coaching process can begin. These assessments are included with each coaching package.

assessments - behaviors


I'm okay, you're okay but can we play nice in the sandbox?

In building a team, an organization or navigating your own life in today's fast paced world, the only way to get whatever you want out of life is through other people. Therein lies the problem or in this case, the opportunity.

Have you ever thought, "if only I could be a mind reader?" Well, taking an assessment or using assessments to build teams or an organization is the next best thing. Assessments lay a road map which show innate abilities that if understood and utilized will bring ease, comfort and growth into your life, workplace and relationships.

You will recognize your "hot buttons" and be able to express or understand what sets them off and how to move past them to foster relationships rather than push them away. Assessments can also assist you in creating and defining roles so that you as well as each person in your family or organization has an opportunity to flourish.

Certainly this is not a magic pill and not everyone, including yourself, will be walking around singing "kumbayah" all the time. However, by understanding of yourself or your team members you can begin to build and formulate an environment of trust, integrity and mutual respect. Now that's refreshing!