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My work with individuals and organizations helps to transform the way people perform, building organizational muscle through people. The approach is simple, through utilizing the use of Behavioral Sciences, Motivators (or the “how” and the “why” of doing tasks) and often Emotional Intelligence (understanding emotions in the workplace) assessments the outcome brings about strengthening of competencies, stimulating productivity, improving interaction and preserving expertise.  Job benchmarking is yet another valuable tool offered that delves into the intricacies of a position and develops the behavioral match that is best suited for job success.

In all areas of life people must learn how to collaborate, trust and hold one another accountable. The tools and workshops that I use teaches the participants, leaders and team members alike how to fully utilize the available talent on their teams to achieve outstanding success and realize the desired outcome. 

You will discover how to:

  • Lead people with different behavior styles and appreciate their differences
  • Reach optimum levels of team success and profits to the bottom line
  • Keep conflict constructive and on topic
  • Get more accomplished with limited resources by utilizing the skills of the team
  • Deal with difficult people and turn them into loyal followers

Assessments make productive the specific strengths and knowledge of every individual. Assessments provide keen insight into our differences and therefore bring understanding to any situation.

TALENT SOURCING AND SELECTION: In utilizing assessments in the selection process you will quickly be able to recognize which candidate best fits the position allowing you to dig deeper in the interview process to better align and select the right candidate the first time. The cost of a bad hire is said to have a cost of 15 to 27% of the person’s base salary. This cost of the bad hire has many other effects as well, for instance, it affects employee morale, training costs are increased, sales are lost, and communication begins to break down not to mention how labor intensive the hiring process can be. Additional benefits of using assessments are of long term retention and succession planning which comes as an added bonus for hiring right the first time.

TEAM BUILDING: With the world market becoming smaller each day it is imperative that each team member bring their specific set of skills to the organization daily. Through the use of assessments you will see how team members are placed in relation to the job needed. This great tool brings clarity to each team member’s role and also shows where miscommunication, job dissatisfaction and stress stem from. On the other hand this tool also shows where the next hire should be within the team, whether or not the person in the role in which they are in is a match, and how interactions when the discussions get tough should be directed.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Just because you are in a leadership role does not make you a great leader. Leaders, most of all, must understand and be able to relate to each team member or to other leaders within an organization. Through the understanding of your own behavioral profile you as a leader will better understand how to foster relationships with others to bring about increased productivity, employee engagement, superior customer service and long term retention of expertise all while adding to the bottom line.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. It is the foundational competency every leader needs to grow. Emotional intelligence, in essence, is the ability to effectively manage the  daily interactions and emotions therefore providing stability and fostering trust and humility.​ We are a product of our daily experiences. Each experience yields a set of emotions which ultimately drives our cognitions and our actions. The extent to which an experience will affect our emotions is determined by our personality and our work environment.

BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE, MOTIVATORS & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE CERTIFICATION: To bring about a better understanding within your organization and to use the tools and trainings that I offer, you or a team member can become a certified Behavioral Analyst, Motivators or Emotional Intelligence instructor and educator. Trainings take place either in person or on-line. Having a dedicated Behavorial Analyst, Motivators and/or Emotional Intelligence instructor and educator in house will solidify the organizations commitment to team, personal and organizational success.

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