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Business Relationships and the Bottom Line

Customers pay our salaries. Whatever we want out of life or our business we must first get through other people. Whether it's more sales, better relationships, customer longevity and loyalty or adding to the bottom line how we handle ourselves is key to our success. As an emotional intelligence analyst and etiquette trainer, Merry Lynch, will teach you and your team to understand how emotions effect those around them, how to read body language, invite clients and set appointments, mingle, pass a business card, shake hands, kiss or bow, follow up and all the other social behaviors and etiquette intricacies that go along with delivering superior customer satisfaction and results in the global economy. Manners, civility and emotionally aware associates are proven to win customers loyalty above all else. Don't miss an opportunity to master emotional intelligence for personal and professional success.

Team Building, Employee Retention, Leadership Development

As our world becomes smaller and smaller the need to understand one another becomes greater. Not only do we need to understand ourselves and what sets  off our "hot" buttons, we must be able to build influence with our colleagues, connect and work productively alongside our peers, perform more and respond effectively. Merry Lynch is adept at presenting workshops, ideas and tools to get teams, employees and leaders to view their workplace as a place where trust, integrity and fulfillment are first and foremost. By participating in behavioral workshops you and your team will learn to identify key performance initiatives that will assist in more effective dealings. With the introduction of behavioral sciences your team will learn how to read people and react appropriately, improve communication skills, reach optimum levels of team success and keep conflict constructive and useful bringing about job satisfaction and employee retention.

Dining to Deliver Results  (Dining Mastery Certificate Program Available)

Get your elbows off the table! Have you ever thought that your dining skills could make or break a deal? Have you had nightmares about wondering which fork to use? Dining in a formal setting doesn't have to make you loose your appetite. For individuals and professionals these workshops take you through the complexities of navigating the table, creating small talk, what to do when something goes wrong, and how to make others feel comfortable. The Dining Mastery Program delivers three tiers of dining experiences each layered with new skills and techniques for dining in the US and abroad. A bonus session will take into account the ordering and drinking of alcohol, how to be a perfect host or hostess, how to invite, and how to close the business deal. Having signed a million dollar contract over a meal, Merry Lynch, will make sure you have all the tools you need to successfully navigate the table.

Vision Board and Goal Setting Workshops - Deliver Your Dreams

How do you take an idea and turn it into reality? In these interactive, creative workshops you will learn to develop a clear image of what you want your business, relationships, health, spirituality and bank account to look like. Used by our Olympic Athletes, the NBA and countless other organizations these powerful, thought provoking sessions bring about clarity, emotion, conviction and set the intention to bring about dramatic change. Great for team building, networking groups, entrepreneurs and individuals that are seeking to launch an idea, create a positive work or family environment or to build a more sustainable and enjoyable business. The goal setting workshop takes the visioning process and puts numbers and an action plan in place to insure success. If you're shooting a nothing, that's just what you will get, NOTHING. With a strategy, a sense of purpose and ownership the vision you have for your life will unfold with ease. 

workshops and seminars


Merry Lynch works with individuals and organizations to help transform the way people perform. In all areas of life people must learn how to collaborate, trust and hold one another accountable. The tools and processes that Merry teaches will help to change habits, mindsets and instill well-being.

Workshops provide:

  • Hands on learning
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through a multicultural lens
  • Safe environment for fostering growth
  • Development of interpersonal skills

custom talks

Don't just choose a speaker to entertain you, let Merry Lynch help create the results you and your organization are looking for. With over 25 years of leadership experience, Merry will excite, evoke and instill new concepts and behaviors to you and your team.

Services provided:

  • workshop and material design
  • content specific to your business
  • designed with your time frame in mind
  • certificate programs available
  • for businesses, non-profits, networking groups, individuals